Mitt Romney: No Qualifying Experience

So, let me get this straight:

Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital is now “off-limits.”

Mitt Romney’s personal finances, in which he stashes money on the Cayman Islands and Bermuda so that he won’t have to pay taxes to the country that brought him his great wealth and continues to protect it, are “off-limits.”

And he’s running like hell away from his record as governor of Massachusetts.

What does that leave, exactly?

If nothing he’s done in his adult life actually counts, then on what basis is he suggesting that he’s qualified to be elected President of the United States? His business experience is off-limits, and he wants us to forget he was governor of Massachusetts. What else is there?

By his own surrogates’ definition of what’s “off-limits,” Mitt Romney has no experience at all doing, well, anything—and is thus supremely unqualified to be President.