Voter ID Laws and “Voter Fraud”

Here’s what I don’t get about the right-wing/ALEC push to enact voter ID laws as the solution to the mythical “voter fraud” problem—that is, aside from the fact that, with the exception of Indiana Republican elected officials, the problem doesn’t exist.

The right-wingers, in their ongoing attempts to paint President Obama and virtually every other elected Democrat in the country as illegitimate, have concocted this story about a Massive Voter Fraud Conspiracy™ funded by Big Union And Soros Money™, to register a bunch of nonexistent voters (or use a bunch of dead voters’ names) to stuff the ballot box for Democratic candidates.

Thus, the argument goes, we need laws requiring voters to show some kind of state-issued ID when they vote, so that the election officials can verify that they are who they say they are, because requiring people to show some ID will stop this Massive And Well-Funded Voter Fraud Conspiracy™ right in its tracks.

I want to issue a challenge to any Republican who actually thinks this is the case: Go into any high school in America—rich or poor, public or private, urban or suburban or rural—and ask the first 30 students you see if they know the name of someone who can get you a fake ID. If you don’t come away with at least one name, I’ll send you $10 via PayPal; if you get two or more names, you send me $10.

So why is it that you think this Massive And Union-And-Soros-Funded Voter Fraud Conspiracy™ is incapable of getting something that any pimply-faced 16-year-old with an Olan Mills school picture and $50 can get his hands on so he can go buy cheap, crappy beer when his parents are out of town for the weekend?

If this Conspiracy™ is really as Massive And Devious™ as you claim, couldn’t they just print up a new photo ID for everyone in a given district who died in the past year?

And if voter ID laws aren’t about stopping the Massive Left-Wing Voter Fraud Conspiracy™, could it be that they’re really about stopping ordinary people like this from voting?

Just a thought…