John Boehner’s Jobs Plan: Cut Them

Turns out that John Boehner was serious when he said that the GOP agenda was going to be all about jobs.

Unfortunately, he meant that it was going to be all about killing jobs, rather than creating more.

But those 3/4 of a million people who would be cut from public-sector jobs would be able to quickly find private-sector work, right? Because there are so many private-sector jobs out there. It’s not like corporations would make record-breaking profits while not hiring Americans. Oh, wait… it’s exactly like that.

The problem with our economy is that not enough people are working; the #1 way to redistribute wealth downward is for the people with the money to pay for the employment, at living wages, of everyone else. Cutting public-sector employment in order to “pay for” last year’s extension of tax cuts for the rich is just another way to pile more of our nation’s resources in the already-quite-full hands of the wealthy.